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As a certified professional speaker, D'Flip has been igniting a spark in everyone he speaks to around the world. Whether it’s a business team or a group of students, D’Flip speaks from the heart and has a unique way of connecting with his audience. Through his interactive presentations, he brings a heightened sense of energy and enthusiasm that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

His goal is to help everyone he speaks to reach their full potential by motivating and inspiring them to take action. If you’re looking to get motivated and motivated others, D'Flip is the perfect speaker for you.


D'Flip has a history of motivating clients by discussing how to progress through times of struggle, how today's youth can be inspired in the modern fast-paced environment, and how D'Flip's experience as a criminal justice professional plays into his modern daily outlook. Following a consultation, D'Flip will be able to create a custom message that will best fit your professional or personal interest group to inspire a wide audience in their future endeavors.

View his views more in-depth by visiting the blog page or view previous videos on the Gallery page. 


Throughout D'Flip's speaking career, he has successfully spoken to significant audiences including the City of Gainesville, the Gainesville Racket House,  Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at UF, Buchholz High School Athletics, UF Outward Bound Program, and several other local athletic, academic, and Christian institutions in North Central Florida. 

To learn about how D'Flip's message will best serve your current professional or personal interest group, schedule a consultation below. 


Davin "Flip" Woody's speaking passion began around 30 years ago when he traveled throughout Florida as the motivational speaker for youth young adults for social, sports and religion. He has enjoyed reaching audiences at banquets, mentor programs, sports groups, middle and high school events, and youth church programs to encourage the audience to reach the next level.

He is a pure “Realist” who believes your choices today will affect your tomorrow. Creating a foundation within the width and length of your ability, that has never been dreamed of. His speaking synergy causes habitual consistency to face tomorrow, today.





I have watched him grow, mentor, lead, coach and deliver messages. Now the birth of D'Flip Speaks, changing the world through speaking. 

K. Jenks, 2023

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